The Winter Coat

H&M Wool Coat £59 

I mentioned this coat in my recent purchases post and I love it that much I thought it deserved a post entirely dedicated to it. I have not owned a smart winter coat in years probably since I was in school and I had to look smart and since then I have lived in various pleather jackets throughout the seasons. But this A/W I was in the mood for something different, I was actually hunting around for a trench coat with pleather sleeves but alas it could not be found. So whilst wandering around H&M this coat caught my eye and to be honest it was love at first sight and yes as sad as that sounds but I do love certain items in my wardrobe. 

This coat is my idea of perfection for a smart coat it is tailored enough to be dressed up but also has almost a boyfriend fit to it where it doesn't always have to be dressed up. It is a grey and white kinda of oatmeal colour with tortoiseshell buttons which contrast beautifully and sits well with most of my accessories which tend to be brown. The only problem is that is this coat is wool so it sheds like crazy and with the majority of my wardrobe being black it is a disastrous mix so my lint roller is now my best friend. 

So now I have finished proclaiming my love for an item of clothing, what do you think?
Rebecca WarrinerStyle