The Autumn Essentials

Autumn without a doubt is my favourite season, yes I do love the sunshine but lets face it I live in England and we never get a proper summer.  So I thought I would put together a list of essentials that we all need when the weather turns chilly.

  • Candles: There is nothing more comforting than to get home from work and lighting a candle, I really want to pick up a Jo Malone one but with my current financial situation I dont think thats is wise.
  • Knitwear: I pretty much wear jumpers all year round but wearing a chunky jumper with a few more layers is my favourite.
  • Moisturiser: Kinda weird that I have entire section for this but I find my skin feels so dry and tight during the colder months. The Body Shop body buttes are always a firm favourite in this season.
  • Winter Boots: I am a flats girl through and through but recently I have been enjoying boots a little bit more. Whilst heeled boots aren't always appropriate especially the snow they do look lovely in all other winter weather. 
  • Tights: Tights are a little bit of a given during the colder months but I either like to go two ways with them I will either wear quite sheer tights or the super cosy ones. 
  • A good coat: If I could I would live in my pleather jacket all year round but sometimes that is just not weather appropriate so this years winter coat for me is a nice little number from Tesco of all places. 
So thats it for my Autumn essentials the only other thing I would like to do right now is be in bed watching Parks and Recréation but sadly I am teaching children multiplication. 
Rebecca Warriner