Lauren Conrad: Beauty

Lauren Conrad: Beauty £14

Oh Lauren Conrad how do I even begin with how big my girl crush is on you. I think its safe to say most people will know who she is from the show The Hills and even before that Laguna Beach. When I saw that she had released this book I was so excited to purchase it being the beauty obsessive that I am, this is the second book that she has written in this style the first being called 'Style' which I still haven't read and now its something that is definitely on my Christmas list. 

This book gives an amazing insight into many aspects of the world of beauty and a lot of interesting theories are mentioned, skin mapping is a particular favourite of mine. With step by step guides on how to achieve Laurens signature everyday look and other tutorials to boot this book can keep you entertained you for hours. I think this would be the perfect gift for anybody who is interested in beauty as its crammed full of facts and theories to rack your brain with. Also product guides to really introduce you into the world of brushes, skincare and nail products which I am sure will make you covet even more products. 

If you have read this book I would love to know what you thought to it :)
Rebecca Warriner