The From Roses Christmas Gift Guide

I have been meaning to do this Christmas gift guide for weeks now but I have finally had some spare time and its only the beginning of December so its not too late to still pick up some of these beautiful items for your loved ones. So first we have the boys: 
For Him:

A.P.C T-Shirt, Fuji x100, Russian Criminal Tatto Encyclopaedia Volume 1, Mulberry Wallet, iPod Shuffle, The XX Coexist Vinyl, Field Notes Notebook and Muji Touchscreen Gloves.

So for him I decided to choose some really universal gifts obviously I have chosen what I would buy within those categories but I hope that this gives you some good ideas and I find guys particularly hard to shop for. 

For Her:

I had a lot of fun putting together the girls gift guide and it gave me a chance to have a real good think of gifts that I would love to buy for people or receive. So I hope you like my picks for Christmas and it has given you some last minute ideas. I should probably take some of my own advice and actually start my shopping.

Rebecca Warriner