A few of my favourite things; The Autumn Edit

I have been very slack with favourite posts since August?! I know I am a naughty blogger but I just felt that my products weren't changing and then my posts were going to be very samey samey. However now I have a whole new batch of favourites of products that I have been liking a whole lot lately. Although if you are a regular reader then these probably won't be any surprise to you. 

First up is skincare now I won't go on about these products as I have written an entire post declaring my love for them here. These products are still serving me so well that I couldn't resist and even my very picky sister bought these and absolutely loves them as well. Next we have the Trèsemmè liquid gold hair oil, now for a long time I had been using the Vo5 'Miracle Concentrate' and got tired of it and fancied something new to treat my hair with. I think for the money that you pay for this which I believe is around the £7 mark you cannot go wrong this oil is incredibly light weight but still really gives my hair that boost of nourishment without ever weighing it down.

Liz Earle C&P oh you never fail me. This has been in my favourites before but recently I have fallen back in love with it as I had been really slacking with my cleansing in a morning before work and I had just been using my Biorderma and as that doesn't really give your skin the best cleanse I was getting a little spotty and as soon as I started to use C&P again everything cleared up. Make up wise quite a few favourites starting off with two foundations which are the L'Oreal Lumi Magique and the Laura Mercier Silk Crème and I find these foundations to be rather similar obviously apart from the huge price difference so if you are in the market for a new foundation I would definitely suggest the Lumi Magique if you are on a budget during this festive season. A cheek product that I can't leave alone at the moment is the Sleek blush in the shade 'Pomegranate' and this is perfect shade for the cooler months. 

Final few things are a new mascara which I have been using for a while now and something that has surprisingly become a new favourite is the L'Oreal  Volume Million Lashes and I have strayed away from my love for waterproof mascara and gone back to an old favourite which is the Rimmel 'Lash Accelerator'  and layering the two of those gives me the perfect amount of volume and length. The last two products are lipsticks and for about a month I wore lipstick pretty much everyday and the two that I was switching between was the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107 and as I really can't justify such a bold lipstick choice for a day at work I was wearing the Revlon Lip butter in the shade Candy Apple which is a beautiful wash of red on the lips. 

So there a few of my new favourites in these colder months.
What are yours?

Rebecca Warriner