Whats in my bag? #3

Bag: Zara

I do love a good 'whats in my bag post' as much as the next girl and as I recently acquired a new bag I thought it would be the perfect time to do an updated one. First of all the bag in question is from Zara and its from their Spring/Summer 2013 range. It's a blush rosey colour with gold detailing and braided handles, oh my its just beautiful I do generally just like to sit and stare at it. Now its a pretty big bucket tote bag and that means I can have the tendency to overfill it but I have learnt my lesson and now this is all I carry round day to day.

Of course the main things are my iPhone and my purse which is my beloved Ted Baker number. Then we have a little pouch from Cath Kidston which carries around things like hand sanitizer, hand cream, mini lint roller, neurofen, lip balm, headphones and anything else that I dont want floating around my bag. Then we have a pen tin which is pretty self explanatory and my diary and a note pad. Last is my glasses and my sunglasses which are both from Rayban. The only problem with this bag is that it isnt very secure so I pop my Mulberry scarf on top to make sure nobody can stick their mitts in my bag and also its useful to carry around incase I get a little cold.

So thats what I have been lugging around with me lately, nothing too extreme and not too heavy obviously it does differ if I am travelling or going to work but this is pretty much day to day.
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