A foundation wardrobe

Oh I do love a good foundation I do and over the years I have used so many from the high street I could probably write a book on them but I think at the grand old age of 22 I have finally a working wardrobe of bases. I didn't delve into the world of high end foundations till last year when I purchased the infamous Estee Lauder Double Wear and I did indeed like that but its just a bit more coverage than I need or like and then a few disastrous samples from MAC lead to me to where I am now. I'm going to start this post in price points from low to high so lets begin;

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation £8.99: This is the newest release from the brand and the latest addition to my collection. I tend to gravitate to this when I know I need to be out the house but I dont want to look like I have a ton of products on my face. I really like this foundation its incredibly light and covers just the right amount it has been duped to the YSL Touchè Eclat foundation which I can't vouch for as I dont own that (next on my list though) I would say this would be brilliant foundation for teenagers who are just starting out and dont want to cake it on. However it doesn't have a pump and that just baffles me as it just wastes so much product! 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation £10.99: An old favourite is this number for L'Oreal it has beautiful luminosity without looking sweaty, yes girls there a very fine line between dewy and looking like you have just ran for the bus. This offers a lot more coverage than the Revlon NN so something I go to when my skin isn't exactly looking its finest and I need something more radient if my skin is looking a little tired. The staying power isn't wonderful like most of the high street foundations I find but if you powder it will last around 6-7 hours. Like all L'Oreal products this price point is quite high but its not going to break the bank. 

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream £18: The only BB cream I have actually ever tried so I can't make any comparisons to any other offerings around. I love this product for giving me coverage and skincare benefits at the same time its something I go for when I am just pottering around or at the weekend. As its one shade fits all product it is not going to be suitable for someone who is fairer than myself or somebody who has a dark skin tone. This product can look a tad ashy sometimes which is my only gripe with it. It works really well and it just evening out my complexion with a touch of coverage. Again this would be perfect for somebody who is new to wearing make up. 

MAC Studio Sculpt £24: This is a gel based foundation and it smells like paint (as does the Laura Mercier Silk Crème) so I would steer clear of this if you have sensitive skin. Studio Sculpt is the only foundation I have tried from MAC and actually got a long with and its doesn't make me look like a tangerine hurrah! It is medium coverage so something I wear when I need a lot more coverage than usual (either a night out or I have Mount Vesuvius on my face) however what I really like about this product is that whilst it still gives me good coverage it doesn't look cakey or matt it gives a nice satin finish. The staying power is around the 8 hour mark on my skin which I find is ideal because I generally don't like to wear make up for longer than that. 

Laura Mercier Silk Crème £33: The price point of this foundation makes me feel slightly sick if I am honest but hey it was purchased for my graduation so thats perfectly reasonable right? I wont bleet on about how amazing I think this is because anybody who reads my blog knows just how much I like this product. It is a medium to high coverage product but it offers a natural finish whilst still hiding any blemishes. Laura Mercier as a brand have a brilliant ethos which is all about creating a flawless yet natural base which lets face it isn't that all what we all would like? As well as beautiful coverage it also has brilliant staying power so this is something I reach for when I know I need my make up to last and I want to look my best. 

So thats it my working foundation rota. I know to some it might be slightly obscene to own this many but they all have different uses and needs. I would love to know what your favourite base products are? 
Rebecca Warriner