Skincare Routine #2

It has been nearly a year since I last divulged my skincare routine and obviously a lot has changed throughout that time so here is my current routine:

I haven't strayed away from my beloved Liz Earle C&P for my morning cleanser and this product really cannot be beaten its a cult beauty favourite with good reason. Toner wise I use the Boots Botanics rosewater toner and this is a product that I used for over a year now and its not my favourite toner I really like the Liz Earle one and the Lush tea tree water. The next product really needs no introduction does it? I have currently worked the La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo serum and I use this morning and evening at the moment because I am struggling with breakouts on my chin and the general skin tone and texture there. So far I can see a difference but until I have used it longer I dont really want to bleet on that its a miracle product. My moisturiser of choice is the Origins 'Brighter by Nature' and I adore this product I have found it to really help with scarring and the formation of new spots. Finally is my eye cream of choice is the Origins GinZing which I do believe I was using in my last blog post too and I haven't even finished the pot yet as you only need a teeny tiny smidgen and it really brightens up your eye. 


Now onto my evening routine which is a lot more extensive. First of all I remove my eye make up with the Simple eye make up which is the Boots Botanics pot and then I remove all my face make up with Bioderma. Cleansing wise I use the Philosophy Purity cleanser and I really like this product I know its has a lot of ingredients in that aren't ideal but it works on my skin and doesn't cause any breakouts and soothes any spots I do have and doesn't strip my skin and just leaves it nice and clean. After that I use the rosewater toning spritz again just to make sure my skin is completely ready for moisturiser.  I then follow with my La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo again as my serum and leave that for a good 15 minutes to really let it sink in and work its magic. Depending on how my skin is I either use the Oilatum natural repair which is something I use when my skin needs a boost of moisture and if my skin is breaking out I will use the Origins 'Brighter by Nature' again. I currently don't have a night time eye cream so I just use the Origins GinZing again.


These products are things that I use when my skin needs them but they are something I use on a weekly basis. Exfoliation wise I use the Origins Modern Friction which is marketed as gentle dermabrasion and this scrub is very powerful and warning if you get this in your eye it stings like no other. However it really works well as getting rid of all of dry flakes I may have. I only currently have two masks on the go and they are the Origins 'Clear Improvement' and 'Out of Trouble' and I work these into a cycle of using the Clear Improvement first as its a clay mask it brings out any impurities in my skin and then a couple of days later I use the Out of Trouble mask to clear up any spots that the Clear Improvement has brought out. Note I use an old foundation brush to apply these masks as I have found this way a lot less wasteful and to remove them I use a muslin cloth. Two serums I have in my collection is the ever famous Estee Lauder ANR and I have a tiny bit of this left to use when my skin is in desperate need of it and the Origins mega bright serum which I absolutely adore and I am running desperately low on and I cant spend the £50 on replacing it right now. The Origins is my favourite out of the two as I have found it to really clear up spot scarring which is what its targeted for. The only spot treatment I have is the Origins super spot remover which works well but drys my skin out like no other so I use it really sparingly. 

Obviously I cant advise you to go out and buy these products as skincare is so subjective to each person and what I love you might absolutely hate. Also my skin is more normal to combination these days so thats worth noting if you are thinking about buying any of these products. 
Rebecca Warriner