The Make-up Staples

First of all I just want to start this post of by saying a huge giant thank you to everybody who has recently come across From Roses and started following my blog, Twitter and Instagram. I am so unbelievably grateful to everybody who takes the time read my posts and leave the lovely comments. I know you all found me because of the lovely Kate at gh0stparties so again just a huge thank you its all made me feel rather flushed! 

Anyway onto to todays post, sometimes I look at my make up collection and think how much of it I dont use and come on I know we are all incredibly guilty of it I mean when it really comes down to it we really dont need 20 shades of a pinky nude lipstick do we? So I thought I would put together a post on if I only had to have a few items of make up in my possession what would they be? Day to day I am hardly adventurous with my make up I wore a red lipstick last week in the daytime and a builder told me that my lipstick was a bit daring...erm thanks? So I just tend to stick to something that is simple and easy.  

For the base of my make up is probably the area I put the most effort into as I am not going to lie I like the illusion that I have naturally flawless skin that I just so happened to be blessed with. For that I use the Laura Mercier Silk Crème and I dont need to say how much I love this foundation its been made pretty clear but I just adore the finish and coverage this gives me. I then conceal under my eyes with the Collection illuminating touch and conceal any spots with the Collection lasting perfection. If needs be I will powder and my product of choice is the Rimmel Stay Matte and this is just a great little product minus the absolutely crappy packaging but for the price I wont complain. I then fill in my brows with Mystery eyeshadow from MAC and run a clear mascara through my brows to to try and make them stay in place. Cheeks is a no frills just blush I would either go with a powder or a cream totally depending on what I feel like really and cream blush can be a great multi use product. For my eyes I am a simple girl and a nude liner, champagne shadow and lashing of mascara are all I need! Of course how could I leave out a lipstick? A pinky nude or a berry colour are shades that dominate collection but if I only had to have just two of them it would be the Revlon lip butter in 'Berry Smoothie' and MAC 'Hue'. 

So thats it the products if I had to only have in my stash so simplify they would be a great foundation, a highlighting and covering concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow quad (with multi purpose shadows), clear mascara, cream or powder blush, nude liner, mascara and a nourishing lipstick. I would really like to know what the products you would pick if you could only a have a select few! 
Rebecca Warriner