A Classic Red

Before someone points this out I know I have bent fingers. 

I used to really hate red nail polish I dont know why either it was just something that I thought was a bit too old for me as something I stayed away from. Rewind two years a love affair started and we've been very happy ever since now there is a bit of a tale to this it was my old boyfriend Sam who really got me into red nails & red lipstick actually and when I was sat having the on going debate of what colour I should paint my nails he would always without fail say red being the stubborn madam that I am I never did but then I gave in one day and oh it was a good day. 

I have a few reds in my collection but nothing will ever top my absolute favourite which is Essie Bordeaux and this came in a set in TK Maxx so it has the normal brush which is an absolute pain to work with but it is available in the diffusion line with the better brush. To me this is a true classic hollywood red and its just stunning I have currently had this colour on a week now and chipping is minimal so it not only looks beautiful it also has great staying power. If you are a lover of red nails I think this is one to look at for sure! 

What's your favourite red?
Rebecca Warriner