Butter me up

I made a promise to myself at the end of 2011 to always moisturise my body. It was something I always felt so good after doing but always neglected for some reason. I always think my legs look so much nicer after doing so as well and as my legs are my least favourite thing about myself its a no brainer. Many body moisturisers have been in my grasp but these are the ones I really love and reach for on a daily basis depending what I need.

First up is the Burt's Bees radiance body lotion and this is one I tend to use in the morning as it makes my have a real sheen to it which is really nice for the day time. As its not overly moisturising it sinks into the skin quickly and doesn't make me feel sticky. Then this Scottish Fine Soaps was a find in TK Maxx I have seen quite a lot of this range in there and decided to give it a whirl I love the glass bottle thats why ;) its a really lovely formula its gives me enough moisture without my making my skin tacky so this is something I will either day or night and it smells very clean too it reminds me of Dove products. The real heavy duty one in this foursome is the Almond Body Butter from the Body Shop and this not only makes me smell like a cake it gives me some serious moisture being the buttery formula it is. I only use this at night as theres no way this will have sank in by the time I need to get dressed I tend to gravitate towards this when I have shaved my legs as it makes them really soft.The last one is another TK Maxx find and its a body souffle from Philosophy and I dont think you can buy this anymore as I have searched high & low online for it but oh the smell of this is heavenly it smells like Calpol and I am sure you will all remember that medicine I wanted to drink the bottle. Because I can't find this anywhere online I use it sparingly  like when I know I want to smell really good or I'm going out somewhere fancy. 

So whats your favourite body moisturiser? Let me know! 
Rebecca Warriner