A Close Shave

Hair removal is hardly a glamorous or sexy topic is it now girls but its something I am pretty sure we all do and dread mostly. As no one is feeling my legs apart from myself I'm not really strict with this and its a weekly event mostly on a Sunday I do this routine without fail. I still remember the day that my Mum finally allowed me to shave my legs after battling for months of her saying 'No you aren't doing it yet you will doing it for long enough' if only I had listened eh? that conversation was a whole 10 years ago now and I have tried and tested many a formula but this one is the best. 

First of all of course you need to exfoliate and this one by Treacle Moon isn't bad for the price but I much prefer a number from Soap & Glory but I need to use this up. I scrub my legs within an inch of their of their life (scrubbing up may I add) and then I wash all the residue (ew) off and proceed with the Burt's Bees radiance exfoliating wash which is a really lovely product and off I go shaving away, my current razor choice isn't anything to rave about it just gets the job done. To finish I use the Body Shop body butter and I always use a rich moisturiser after shaving just because I find it leaves my legs smoother for much longer and I smell like a strawberry so its a winner all round really. 

Do you have specific products you use for this boring task? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty