The Perfume Diary

There is nothing more than dousing myself in perfume and have done since the age of about 13 (Gucci Rush 2 was a firm favourite at that age) and over the years I have had my fair share in my possession but nothing has topped these beauties in my collection currently. I dont like to hoard perfume as I just find it goes to waste so I only have 4 in mitts (the other one being Marc Jacobs Daisy but I cant find it) so let me tell you about them!

I have two favourites from Jo Malone and they are Blackberry & Bay which is a beautiful scent which is probably much more suited to the winter months as its quite heavy and then White Jasmine & Mint which is perfect for summer and for the record the only mint perfume I have ever found. I really adore Jo Malone everything about the brand makes me so unbelievably happy and I am thinking about adding the Fig scent to my stash. Then Dot by Marc Jacobs the bottle is so adorable for one and the scent is heavenly it has notes of red berries so could be why I adore it so much. 

So what are your favourite perfumes? 
Also I have been featured on the Superdrug website here and I would love it you had a peek :)
Rebecca Warriner