Bedside beauty

I think somebody's bedside table can be a very personal and private thing I am not really sure why this is I think thats because my parents always kept important items in there bedside tables. Sadly I don't keep anything that exciting in mine but I do have a pink glass that I keep all beauty related items in that I use at night. The items that I use daily at night are hand gel and this is something that wont budge in my before bed routine I dont know I have a slight phobia of going to sleep with dirty hands and spreading germs everywhere. Then of course is a hand cream and my current favourite is this number from Neals Yard which was a freebie in Marie Claire magazine and this is a really lovely hand cream and it smells devine. I also keep my Essie cuticle oil in here and I like to apply a generous slathering on my very dry cuticles (gross I know) before bed to keep them looking nice. 

A couple of lip balms of course and I have the Balmi mint sorbet balm and the Blistex relief cream and this is real heavy duty stuff so it only gets used at night as it leaves a white cast on lips. Finally is something that I have not had for long and its from Boots Botanics and its the 'Superbalm' basically a use on anything thats dry product and I have found this really lovely when I have had these odd little dry patches on my skin I seem to get a really flakey nose and I pop some of this on it and by morning those pesky little dry bits are much better. 

So what do you keep on your bedside table?
Rebecca Warriner