Beauty Desk

Sadly my room isn't big enough to have both a dressing table and a desk so I turn my vanity into my own workstation when it needs to be. So when I get down to business I like to set the mood ;) romantic I know, I have to have everything in somewhat of an organised fashion and I like to be calm. I cannot work when I am in either a bad mood or really rushed I really like to just sit and take my time with things. 

Theres of course the obvious with what I actually need to work with and this is my MacBook Pro as much as I would love to have a nice shiny iMac sat on my desk I simply dont have the room for it or the money for that matter. Then I have my iPhone what else am I meant to Instagram my dog with? Being the obsessive list maker I am I have a notebook and a nice selection pens to note down everything I need and then my diary to add in any dates I may need. Something I should probably stop doing is eating at my desk but its nice to have a little snack whilst you work and I am trying to get onto a real health kick lately (after eating enough sweets in London to sink a ship) and then to finish I just have a little tea light from IKEA. Theres some extra things I like to have close by which are my glasses which should be on my face but probably aren't, hand cream and lip balm.

What do you have on your desk?