Disappointing Products #1

I have been meaning to get a post up like for months now because personally these are my favourite type of posts to read or watch. Finding out what people love and actually get to the end of are really interesting but sometimes its nice to know the things that didn't quite work out. So heres my pick of products that aren't necessarily bad but just didn't work for me at all. 

  • China Glaze no chip coat; This top coat is seriously gloop central. Its just so stringy and thick and has always been like this and I could work past this if the product did what the label says but I find it doesn't add any longevity to my polishes at all. 
  • Aveeno positively radient day cream; I tend to gravitate towards skincare that is targeted to help even out skin tone and reduce scarring because thats what I need. However this product didn't do either and left me with really strange patches of skin on my cheeks that took weeks to go and every time I try and go back to use it I end up even more disappointed. 
  • No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing water; My first miceller water and as you can see I have used quite a lot up but I found this makes my skin incredibly red when taking of my make up and leaves a horrible film on it. I find it too be quite strong on the skin so really not suitable for sensitive skin and not be used on the eyes either. 
  • Origins No Puffery eye mask; It kills me a little bit to be putting Origins in here but this product really does not work for me at all. It doesn't reduce puffiness at all and gives me odd little bumps under my skin as well. I cant work out wether I am using it right or not but it just doesn't seem to be suitable for me. 
  • Origins Checks & Balances; I have only used this once and it completely stripped my skin and my skin is quite oily in the summer months but it made my face feel incredibly tight and just not nice. Sorry Origins I love you really but this just didn't work for me at all.  
  • Avon Ideal Flawless foundation; This was really hyped up a couple of years ago now and it has taken till now for me try it. The shade is perfect but I just find it really hard to buff into my skin and it settles into odd patches on my forehead. I might have to have another go with it but for now it isn't winning me over. 
  • Benefit The Porefessional Primer; I had some really awful breakouts over a year ago now and I couldn't work it out but it turned out to be this. Not only did it not increase the longevity of my make up it gave me so many spots I think this is due to being a silicone based product. 
  • Nivea Milk & Honey lip balm; Lip balm is one of my favourite products and I always like to give new ones a go but I find this actually drys my lips out rather than nourishing them. 
  • No7 Midnight Enchantment blusher; This blusher looks absolutely stunning in the pan but it just has zero pigmentation and is rather chalky. I had wanted it for a long time as it was limited edition and I think I am still clinging onto to it because its just such a pretty pattern. I even remember posting about it and saying how much I was enjoying but lately when I have been trying to use it I have been so disappointed with it. 
So what products do you feel let down by?
Also just a quick thank you to all the comments on my last post I know it was a really personal post and I was really dubious about putting it up but you lot are all such babes and so supportive it made me feel so much better.
Rebecca Warriner