Beachy Waves in a Bottle

Probably one the products I see in beauty editors picks all the time is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Its a product I have had on my wishlist since last year but just never had the heart to pay over £20 for a hair product. However once they started stocking it in Boots my purse strings loosened a little but then my sister kindly picked me up a bottle for my birthday. 

At first I was really disappointed as I saw no difference and I thought it actually made my hair feel a little greasy and this is all down to spraying it in my hair when it was damp and letting it dry naturally which just didn't work for my hair. Then I read Lucy's post on it here and it seemed she had encountered the same problem so now I dont bother when my hairs wet as I dont blow dry my hair at all as I try an avoid unnecessary heat. The way I now use it is after putting slight waves into my hair using my GHD's I spray it through the ends and slightly in the root then tousle it with my hands to add texture and volume. I have very fine hair but a lot of it so I find any sort of bounce hard to achieve but this gives me right amount of I like in my locks. The only down side is that it does dry out my hair slightly which its bound to really as its a salt spray so I like to run some argan oil through the ends just to even it out. 

When this mini bottle runs out I will be running to my local Boots to pick up the full size or maybe that lovely little set that will be sold in July which contains a mini Surf Spray shampoo, conditioner and spray. So if like me this is only way your going to look like you have those beachy waves I would give it a go and as its available in the travel size it wont make as much as a dent in your bank account. Let me know if your a fan of salt sprays or are you naturally blessed with textured tresses? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty