Preparing those Pins

As much as we all yearn for warmer climates which believe me I am a huge fan of part me secretly sighs at the thought of the pressure to have legs that aren't so pale that they reflect light. I'm sure I am not the only one that encounters this year to year either I have found myself a pretty nice routine to whip my legs into shape so we have;
To buff away any of the dead skin lurking on my legs I like to a have good scrub and my current favourite is Pulp Friction by Soap & Glory. This is a thick paste and really clings to the skin it really reminds me of Origins 'Modern Friction' but for the body obviously. Once I have exfoliated away I then rinse and use probably my all time favourite body wash which is the Original Source mint & tea tree shower gel (they also do a really nice exfoliating scrub). Now the reason I like this so much is because after rinsing it off when I have shaved is because it really makes my legs tingle and feel so fresh although sometimes I like to use a cheap conditioner as I found that makes my legs stay a little smoother for longer somehow.

So now I have de fluffed myself I use the Palmers gradual tanner and to me this isn't gradual at all it delivers a good dose of colour. I do apply this using a mitt to avoid any streaks at all as lets face it orange palms are not attractive in the slightest. Now I do not use fake tan at all and I never have but I find this gives me natural dose of colour and doesn't leave me smelling like a biscuit which personally I dont mind as who doesn't like biscuits? Final step is a good moisturiser and I am currently using the Soap & Glory sugar crush body buttercream and the smell of this is just lovely. Part of me thinks I am developing a small obsession with body moisturiser but I just find even if my legs aren't freshly shaved a good dose of moisture thrown of them makes all the difference. 

Now this isn't going to give you the legs of a VS model (a girl can dream) but it will give you soft, smooth and a little bit of a glow on those pins. Not like us British girls get much chance to show them off as sunny days are pretty rare occurrences and I am looking out my window at drizzle and its June. 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty