Can't Be Without

As much as love to try something new in the quest to find the 'one' that one product that will set up camp permanently in my vanity theres some products that have already taking up those spaces. I can be a floozie when I see new releases or what the latest it cleansing balm is within the beauty community. But theres something about the following products that always keep me coming back time and time again and they are. 

Skincare is a tough category for me as it really takes a lot for me to branch out of what I know and love I really take a long time to come round to the temptation of something new. However the following have reached that ever coveted 'holy grail' status and they are; Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish does this even need a introduction? highly doubtful but I'm on my 4th bottle of the stuff and I keep on going back for more there is just something about this that cannot be beaten for me it leaves my skin feeling clean without that awful tight stripped feeling. The latest addition to my miceller water family and I have already picked up another bottle of the L'Oreal Skin Perfection, I just refuse to pay the price of Bioderma now I have discovered this one. It removes every scrap of make up without any irritation to the eyes and my skin feels like it has gained something from it too. I picked up my second tube of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo without hesitation even before my original tube ran out as I don't want to think of not having it in my routine. Easily the one product that has made the biggest difference in my skin and I will continue to use this day and night for many years to come as I just love it so damn much. Im still a little unsure of whether I have found my ultimate day time moisturiser just yet but while I am still on that quest the Origins Brighter by Nature SPF 35 is something I will always have around. Again this is my second pot and I was rationing myself with the small amount I had left from the first because like the Effaclar Duo its make a big difference in my skin as well as giving me a good dose of hydration and with an SPF of 35 its two birds with one stone. 

Now the make up is something I'm a little more versatile with especially with blusher and lipstick I seem to pick those items up without a second thought. Whilst I'm still on the quest to find many of my all time wonder items theres two that will always have a special place in my heart and they are the Laura Mercier Silk Creme and if you have been following me for a while you will know just how much I love this stuff. It offers me a perfect base without looking heavy or that I have applied it with a trowel and to me its worth every penny. However the YSL Le Teint Eclat is giving it a serious run for its money but maybe now my coverage needs are so different then they used to be so I think I have found all I need for the time being in both of those foundations. The now 'Collection' lasting perfection concealer is something that for price and formulation cannot be beaten and even though sometimes it can be a little cakey on its own I have found a way round that problem with mixing it in with the Bourjois healthy mix concealer. Both of these concealers lean a little far of pink and yellow so a little bit of both have created my perfect formulation and colour so until I try something new (I'm looking at you Origins and you Nars) I am all set with all my base needs. 

This section I guess is pretty random items but ones I always keep return back too. I loved the original Moroccan oil but I certainly wasn't a fan of its hefty price tag so I turned to the aisles of Boots to see what they had to offer and something that has won me over is the Tresemme Liquid Gold and I think what appeals to me the most of is that is has a pump which is key for a hair oil. It keeps my òmbered ends in good condition and I have never found it to make my hair look lank or greasy which some oils have been guilty of. Hand cream is not something I am short of believe me but the one I always pick up time to time is Soap & Glory's Hand Food and I love this its not at all greasy and leaves my hands feeling nourished and smelling like Dior but at a fraction of the price. A lip scrub is probably not necessary to some of us but I find I get little flaky bits of skin (really attractive) and whilst I know its so easy to make your own I love the lip scrubs available at Lush there cheap and the flavours are dreamy (mint julips is my all time favourite) and you can lip them of after so what more could a girl want? Finally are nail products now I have always been a bit of a horder when it comes to nail polish so in my time I have come across a fair few formulations. To remove my polish I am now on my third tub of the magic nail polish remover from Bourjois even though you can't use it on the toes I always use it for my fingers as its so fuss free and leaves the nail feeling nourished and even smells nice when dry. For my top and base coat the OPI Nail Envy and the Seche Vite dry fast top coat have got to be the ultimate duo for me. Nothing keeps my nails as protected as the nail envy and I like to use the matte version (cheaper too) and recently I picked up the Sally Hansen quick dry top coat as my Seche Vite had reached its gloopy death and it was just awful let my nails bubbly so I picked up another SV sharpish. Theres a reason why its so hyped up its because nothing it drys so quickly and leaves a glass like finish although it annoys me that if it chips it leaves a strange matte strip but I can forgive it for how quickly it dries. Colour wise I'm actually pretty surprised that I manage to reach the end of any of my many bottles but Essie's Absolutely Shore and China Glaze's Fifth Avenue are both colours I always want to have in my stash. If I don't know what colour to laquer on these two are my usual go to. 

So there we have it my ultimate products that I wouldn't like to be parted from. What are your 'holy grails' that you always have to re-purchase?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty