You own how many lip balms?

So its not just stationary and nail polish I have addiction to its also lip balms. I dont know why I just cant stop myself from buying them even though I know I have enough to last me a good few years. Maybe its because I haven't found the 'one' that one lip balm to sway me away from anything else although there are a couple of contenders. I like to split my balms into two categories and they are the ones that I carry around with me and then the ones that I live in various places scattered around my room. So I want to narrow down my favourites and the ones I have found work and which don't: 

I don't like to carry around balms with me that involve having to dip my finger into it to apply it so I all the ones that can be applied quickly are on the go with me. The contenders are the Cath Kidston rose lip balm, Balmi mint, Palmers Cocoa Butter mint & dark chocolate, Burt's Bee's pomegranate and the Nivea milk & honey. None of these balms really offer a high dose of hydration but just enough for in the day and leave a sheen to the lips. My firm favourites are the Balmi, Palmers and Burt's Bee's I find that these actually keep my lips in tip top condition with out leaving a residue or after 10 minutes feeling like I didn't apply anything. Also the Balmi & Palmers both contain SPF 15 and this is something I can find goes a little forgotten with lip products but its so important. Having suffered with sun burnt lips before its not a pain I want to go through again so wearing an SPF throughout the day is vital for me. The Nivea milk & honey and Cath Kidston rose lip balm aren't cutting it for me sadly somehow they both make my lips feel worse than they did before applying.

We have quite the array here consisting of Korres plum lip butter, Dior rose balm, Botanics super balm, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Figs & Rouge mint + aloe, Smiths minted rose balm, Blistex med plus and Blistex relief cream. All of these balms are pretty heavy duty bar the Korres lip butter than just lives at home because its quite messy to be applying on the go so I pop it on before I leave the house. The real heavy duty ones have to be Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Botanics super balm and both the Blistex numbers. These are typically what I use at night to give my lips a really good dose of nourishment throughout the night. I typically apply a balm before I start doing my make up and the ones I turn to are the Dior rose balm which is a new addition to my stash or the Smiths minted rose. Both of these products give a beautiful sheen to the lips as well as hydration and are way more suited to day time wear than night I think. The Figs & Rouge balm is just one I can't get into for some reason and whilst I adore the packaging its an absolute pain to get into and I just dont find it does much for me but I will keep it and use it up and it can be used on cuticles so it may works its way into my nail care routine instead.

I am now on on a lip balm ban until I use up at the least 5 of these because its a little excessive owning 13 I think we can all agree that. What is your favourite lip balm are you a little obsessive like me? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty