Oh Origins

On Wednesday my sister & I made a swooping visit to Bicester Village as her partner had a meeting in Oxford so he kindly offered to drop us off to indulge a little. If your not familiar with the concept of places like Bicester its a designer outlet and theres quite a few scattered across the country (my next vsit is going to be Cheshire Oaks) it has stores like Céline, Mulberry, Cath Kidston, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, DVF, Rag & Bone, The White Company and The Cosmetics Company all at a discounted price.  

As I am not going to purchasing a Céline bag anytime soon or bedding from The White Company my eye was on the CCO as it carries some of my favourite brands such as Origins, Bumble and Bumble, Ojon and Estee Lauder. I was in dire need of some new skincare items and I was savouring the last of my serums and moisturisers so it was about time I picked up some more. My love affair with Origins has been well documented on here as I know I am pretty much guaranteed good results. I do believe in skincare as an investment you only get one face its worth spending the pennies on and I have seen the best results from the more high end products. 

My main two skin concerns are hydration, radiance, skin tone and scarring. Since using the LRP Effaclar Duo my skin has improved ten fold I touch wood have not had a break out since March and the tone and texture has also improved greatly as well as becoming more balanced. So now I dont need products to concentrate on being oil free as I dont struggle with spots anymore I concentrate on the radiance and texture of my skin. The two ranges that appeal to me the most from Origins are 'Brighter by Nature' and 'Make a Difference' and I have already used and finished serums and moisturisers from the BBN line and they are absolutely beautiful products I saw a dramatic difference with how much they reduced the redness in my scars and soothed any uneven patches. Like I said the serum and moisturiser were re purchases but I hadn't tried the exfoliating pads or the cleanser which was in my latest wish list so I was very happy to spot that in there for £18 instead of £25. I have only used one of the pads and from what I gather it is an chemical exfoliant and I found my skin seriously glowed after this so I am looking forward to using them more and seeing how they work for me. With cleansers I find they need a few weeks to really see how they work with your skin so I will probably do a separate review in the future to give a better review. 

The 'Make a Difference' range isn't one I have tried before but I have heard very good things about it from the likes of Kate at gh0stparties and Emma milkteef. This line is for 'dehydrated' skin which is one of my issues whilst I dont get dry skin necessarily I do find my skin lacks radiance and moisture sometimes. In a gift set that cost a measly £27 I got the cleansing milk, hydrating toner, serum and moisturiser so perfect to give the range a go. So far I am really enjoying the serum and hydrating toner in particular and they both work well in conjunction with the Clarins Exfoliating Toner and the brightening pads. I am quite tempted to pick up a full size moisturiser in this line to use at night so if you have recommendations do let me know I have my on Night a Mins too! 

Now you might be thinking that will have cost me a small fortune? wrong! As both ranges came in gift sets and the cleanser alone it totaled at...£78 and to purchase these full price and alone it would have cost £206 so thats a huge saving even if I would have got a nice amount of advantage points. The next time I pay a visit to a CCO I plan on purchasing some haircare items as they had a good range of B&B and Ojon (the volume advance range will be mine one day) but that wont be a long time yet my bank account needs to recover. I would advise anyone who is a fan of Origins skincare to pay a visit to an outlet as you are more likely to get much better deals and save yourself some cash. So have you been to a CCO? if so whats the best bargain you've found? 
Rebecca Warriner