Water water everywhere

 I cannot think of anybody in the beauty world who doesn't know the word 'miceller water' even my sister knows the word Bioderma and thats saying something and 2012 marked them really coming into the high street skincare brands. As a complete convert to these waters as a make up remover as they are much easier on the skin than cheap face wipes. I have been using a water to remove my make up for well over a year now and I have tried a few so I thought I would it was about time I put up a post on them all. 

  • Bioderma Sensibo h2o: This is one that started of the entire craze and of course its Bioderma. Those little red topped bottles stole all our hearts and became many peoples holy grail. I have got through about 6 bottles of the stuff now and I adore it theres no doubt about that. It feels like water taking your make up off it works well with heavy bases as well as eyes without causing any irritation at all. I have actually tried the oily skin version too and I didn't really see the need for it as I find the normal solution works a lot better as it is much more gentle. The only issue is getting hold of this product and unless you take regular visits to French pharmacies then its a bit of a pain to get hold but I think it is slowly creeping its way into the UK (it is available to buy on www.escentual.com
  • No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water: This was the first water that I tried last year and it recently featured in my disappointing product post. Yes it removes make up but it leaves an oily film on my face and aggravates my skin and it leaves it very red and I really dont have sensitive skin at all. It is quite highly scented aswell which I think may cause breakouts for some. However the one thing that I do actually quite like is the packaging and the way the product is dispensed. 
  • B Pure Miceller Water: After a wander round Superdrug one day I spotted this number from a brand called B Pure. I had never seen it before so I presume its a new brand to come into store and I saw this water and as I was running low on Bioderma I thought I would give it a whirl. This is actually a really good product for the money it removes my make up without any irritation and I find it doesn't really sting the eye area unless you are really scrubbing at it. It does leave a slight residue on the skin but nothing off putting and if you are only using this to remove your make up before your main cleanse I would give it a go for sure. B Pure is also a vegan friendly brand so thats always a bonus. 
  • L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3-1 Miceller Water: The latest addition to the clan is this new release from L'Oreal and I had seen a little bit of coverage on this so decided to give it a go when I spotted it for £3 in Asda. This is actually my favourite miceller water it removes everything effortlessly even really stubborn mascara like Benefits They're Real. This leaves my skin looking fresh and clear after removing all my make up and as its unscented (I believe I cant smell anything) its extremely gentle. This beats Bioderma for me for how accesible it is and anything that gives me my Boots advantage points gets my seal of approval. 
So thats it for my experience with these waters. They are a complete staple in my skincare routine and probably will be forever as the thought of using a face wipe makes me shudder. However don't be fooled by thinking you can use these as an all over cleanse I have done that way too many times when I have been to lazy and it only ends up in spots. Let me know what you think of them are you fan or not? 

Rebecca Warriner