Toner? Do you? Don't you?

Toner is the one step that you either do or you dont most of us deem it an extra step that we can't be bothered with and some of us see it as essential. Personally I find toner one of my favourite steps in my daily skincare routine and for around a year and a half I have tried a fair few so I thought it was about time to pop up a post on them. So we have: 

  • This works: fresh skin; I found this product in TK Maxx for £6 which was a deal I couldn't walk always without. Its alcohol free and aims to balance and improve the clarity of the skin. Its always hard to tell the difference with toners I find but I have found this works (eh eh) my skin looks a lot less congested than it has done and much brighter since I have been using this. The smell is little to be desired and thats the only problem with this product I find it smells like an ash tray which isn't appealing when you are spritzing this onto your face. This works isn't really a brand that I am too familiar with but I always see nothing but positive reviews on their products so I might delve deeper into the brand and maybe try something from there 'in transit' range. 
  • Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic; Its not secret that I absolutely adore Liz Earle and as I have worked my way through 2 large bottles of the skin tonic and only have a teeny bit left in this mini bottle which I am trying to savour. Again its alcohol free so its gentle on the skin and aims to do exactly what it says on the label give your skin a boost. I find this product really soothing and leave my skin soft and ready for my moisturiser. I didn't find it made much difference to my complexion like the This Works number but it's definitely one I will pick up again just to have in my stash. 
  • Clarins Gentle Exfoliator; This the newest addition to my toner stash and my first exfoliating product. I have lusted after Alpha H liquid gold for well over a year now but just never wanted to part with that much money so when I had a voucher for my birthday I knew I was going to pick this up. There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding this product at the moment and with good reason. When Caroline Hirons did the video with Pixiwoo I practically sat there with a note pad and pen and when she said about having one toner to take away and one to put back in it all made perfect sense. I use this every other night although it does say only use twice a week I find my skin can handle it and some people I believe use this everyday? I use this after I have cleansed to take away any dead skin cells that are lurking and then I use the This Works after to put moisture back in although I think the Liz Earle may work better in conjunction as that aims to add moisture. The morning after I have used this my skin is glowing like nothing else and it has really improved my complexion and scars from old spots have really faded since adding this in. I am definitely a exfoliating toner convert and I would love to know which ones you would recommend!
  • Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz; This is the only toner that I use that has alcohol in so for that reason only its not my favourite but it still a lovely product for the money. As its rosewater it smells lovely and really refreshes the skin and thats why I still keep it hanging around. It claims to tighten pores and I personally don't find that as we all know deep down you can't get rid of pores they are there forever its just what makes them less visible. However it is really soothing on the skin and gives it a nice boost as well as creating a nice base for my moisturiser. 
So there you go my favourite toners so far of course there are many out there that I am dying to try and I just don't think I have my number one just yet. Also a good one to mention here is the Lush Tea Tree water I found that was absolutely brilliant when I was going through a real bad stage with my skin. Let me know what toners you like!
Rebecca Warriner