A few of my favourite things in June

June has been a good month beauty wise I have found some absolute gems that will stay in my beauty routine for a long time to come. Even though I really dont want to say this I really cant believe we are half way through the year I don't know where the time is going. I have now been living back in my home town for a whole year now since graduating university and if last year you would have told me what this year was going to bring I would have probably laughed in your face and called you a liar. Despite having a pretty rubbish 6 months I am hoping the next 6 will bring better things. Anyway less of the personal ramblings lets get down to business. 

Lately I have been wearing my hair down a lot more as it has grown to a length that I am really happy with so the following two products have been really handy to have around. Lush R&B is an old favourite of mine and I haven't used it in months as my hair just didn't need it as I was using an oil instead. I use this through the ends of dry hair in evening as a hair moisturiser as I find the ends can go a little frizzy from brushing out the curls and this just smoothes everything out and it smells incredible! Then the L'Oreal heat styling spray is something new to me as I was in the market for a new heat protectant as I was growing tiresome of the TRESemme one which I do really like but I wasn't amazed. First of all the smell of this is amazing I cant quite put my finger on it but it smells like a perfume I have owned in the past. I got the one to give volume as thats what I want in my hair and I find it give my hair quite a boost and also helps the style stay for a lot longer. Another item that smells absolutely divine is 'Pulp Friction' an exfoliator from Soap & Glory although it reminds me of a guys cologne I cant get enough of the scent in it I think its the fig and peppermint that I am really drawn too. I find that this leaves my legs silky smooth without an oily residue which a lot of exfoliators can do.

Of course the Clarins gentle exfoliating toner was going to be in this months favourites it has made such a big difference in such a small amount of time. My skin is so much brighter and so much clearer than it has ever been I think although I seem to have got down this at an alarming rate and at £25 a bottle its not cheap I desperately want to try the Pixi glow tonic but getting my hands on it will be a nightmare. Now make up wise June has been a good month for me with some new additions really shaking things up to my normal routine. Cream blusher has slowly become one of my absolute favourite products in particular the Stilla convertible colour in 'Lilium' and the Bourjois offerings in no4 'Sweet Cherry'. They make my complexion look so much more fresh than using a powder blush and then a highlighter and they can be used on the lips too which is an added bonus! I cant seem to get enough of Rimmel nail polish at the moment with the hype around the collaboration with Kate Moss but I have been going for the 60 second ones and I picked up 3 shades and they are not only beautiful but there so different to anything I have ever owned. My favourite is probably 'Rose Libertine' a lovely dusky pink and I don't really wear pink on my nails at all but this has swayed me. Now I will be honest I may have picked up this lipstick from L'occitane mainly for the pretty packaging but I actually really like the colour that I ended up with by mistake of not looking at the box (duh) its a almost brownish pink with slight gold shimmer shot through it not something I would ever gone for but I actually really love it. The last two things are the Real Techniques expert face brush which I am now using for foundation and this just gives flawless coverage with hardly any effort required it blends seamlessly that my make up takes barely any time at all. Then this No7 clear mascara has really wowed me as I have always used clear mascara through my brows but neve really noticed much difference until this. I have really stubborn brows that seem to love to just point downwards why I will never know but this holds them in place and doesn't leave them crispy looking (how attractive). 

So what products have you been enjoying in the month of June? Im looking forward to July and hopefully it will bring better weather than June did so I can get a proper tan so I am not so reliant on my gradual tanner to make me look a little less corpse like.