Happy Feet

I apologise now if you dont like feet. However like it or not we all have them so why dont we look after them more? As I am barefoot 90% of the time my tootsies really need some TLC as when I am not barefoot I pretty much only wear ballet flats which don't offer much cushioning. Not only do I need to look after the soles of them I need to look after the skin on top as Ive had them tattooed for over 3 years now and this area is known for lines to drop out and colour to fade easily. So I have worked myself out a pretty nice routine to keep my feet happy and dry skin free. 

After a hot bath so the skin is supple I buff away dead skin with a file (this just sounds vile I know) and then apply a nice amount of the Cath Kidston bluebell hand cream to keep them soft. Since the age of about 12 I honestly dont think I have had bare toe nails and my current choice is the Rimmel 60 second in 'Coralicious' its such a pretty red shade. I also like to use my Essie smooth trick cuticle oil as my cuticles seem to be quite dry on my feet so this helps alot. Finally if im in the house I have gotten into the habit of wearing slippers and whilst I am aware I am not 60 years old I've got into the routine of applying a liberal amount of moisturiser and slipping these on (eh eh). I know a lot of people do this wearing socks but I really don't like wearing socks that much I dont know why I just dont so this was the next best thing for me.

So I hope that hasn't grossed you all out too much I know feet are a touchy subject with people for some reason and believe me it took me a good hour to get a flattering picture and non creepy photo of mine. Have you got a pedicure routine or do they get left out the beauty regime?