Home Decor 101 Pt 3

It's been a long while since I have done interior related on my blog. So I thought since a few things had changed since I decorated in March it would be nice to show you guys again. Nothing major has changed obviously apart from my ever growing magazine stack and bedding collection. 

For some reason I feel a little bit lost with words in this post I suppose I will just let you enjoy the photographs. I have been having a rough few days health wise and in my personal life and now my iPhone has given up the ghost. Every picture is lost that I took from 2009 to now thats 4 years and to some this might sound silly but I am a little heartbroken over it. I'm incredibly sentimental especially with pictures and text typical girl I know but it's true so I hope the Apple store can help me out and looks like I am going to have to upgrade early which is a pain. However now I have got feeling sorry for myself out my system theres some exciting things coming on here including a little giveaway for you guys and I have a feeling you will really like it. I hope you guys are all doing well and if your in the UK I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunshine we are having. Waking up to a clear blue sky instantly makes me feel happier and just makes me get my bum out of bed a lot faster than usual.