Skincare: Cleansers

To say I thoroughly enjoy my skincare routine is a serious understatement nothing makes me happier well you know within reason of course. I am going to be starting a new series on here just called 'skincare' and I am going to go through each section of my routine and what products I like to go for. First up of course we have cleansers and I like to think of this of my wardrobe of cleansers I have one to suit all my skin needs so here we go.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: This is my fourth tube of this cleanser and I know when I re-purchase product its because I really do love it. The infamous C&P has been raved about many a time on here so I will save you that spiel you have heard it all before. I use this in a morning to give my skin a good cleanse before moving onto my morning routine and I find this leaves my skin fresh without being aggravated in anyway. Sometimes in the evening I find my mascara can be a little stubborn to remove so if there is any left in my lashes I find this removes it with ease so I don't have to pull at my eyes. As I said I use this every morning and this doesn't matter about the state of my skin I will go to this whatever is going on as I find it gives hydration or if I am a little spotty it soothes them. 

balance Me pure skin face wash skin balancing cleanser*: If my skin is feeling a little too oily or dry I turn to this balance Me cleanser. Having a balancing cleanser in my routine if I find is really important as my skin go either too far in one direction. This product is incredibly natural and contains no nasties and that for me is really important for my skincare. As it has such a high level of natural ingredients it leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh but never irritated or red I can always tell the sign of a good cleanser when it makes my nose area feel clean without feeling stripped. 

Dr Weil for Origins Mega Bright cleanser: This is my go to cleanser right now as my skin is feeling balanced and I don't have any dry patches which are my main concern as well as radiance. I don't have too much experience with Origins cleansers but this is a good beginning for me as I really like this one. It definitely boosts the level of radiance in my complexion and cleanses my skin thoroughly without it feeling stripped. Now it does say that this is foaming cleanser and as I am not a skincare genius I can't say whether or not I would recommend it for everybody as I know Caroline Hirons really does not approve of foaming cleansers. Now as I use this a second cleanser and I do not put this anywhere near my eyes as it burns like nothing else I don't know what is it about some Origins products but this and the modern friction exfoliator don't half burn the eye.  

Origins Make a Difference cleansing milk: Cleansing milks are one my favourite consistencies as they just feel so gentle and soothing on the skin. I don't use this one too often as I turn to this if my skin is feeling dehydrated and I want to give it a real boost which this is formulated for. However it just seems to melt away any remaining make up and anything else on my skin. Again this incredibly gentle and a long with the balance Me number I would say these two are probably the most suitable for sensitive skin. Unlike the mega bright I can sweep this over my eyes without is causing any irritation which is a big plus for me as I like to be able to remove as much mascara as I can in the evening cleanse. 

Botanics hot cloth balm cleanser: I had a dream that Caroline Hirons shouted at me for not using a balm cleanser. I wish this wasn't true as it makes me look slightly odd that I am having a dream about a woman I have never met. So upon said dream I went down to Boots and picked up this balm cleanser I have heard a lot of good things about this product in the past. As I refuse to pay Emma Hardie prices this is a great alternative I think and so far so good with this. I haven't been using this for long but I am starting to double cleanse and after I remove my make up with a micellar water I use this and then move onto the Origins or balance Me cleanses. This is a very thick consistency as its a balm but just warm with your fingers a little and then pop on your face massage in and it turns into an oil like product which I really like. It feels very hydrating and again you can use this all over the eye and it does a brilliant job at removing any remaining make up. Like I said I haven't using it for long but I can see myself being a balm convert from now on. 

Just a quick thing to note I do use a muslin cloth with all of these and not a flannel I just prefer a muslin cloth as I like a little exfoliation. So I hope you have enjoyed the start of a new series as I know a lot of you guys enjoy skincare as much as I do and it was a little helpful. If there is anything in particular you would like to know about my routine just let me know and I will try my best to include it.     
p.s I hit over 1000 followers yesterday I cant quite believe that so many people want to see what I post it means such an incredible amount to me you guys my blog has really kept me going the last few months so I can't even begin to explain my gratitude. Lots of love to all of you your all such babes xo
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