Pastels & Scalloped Edges

Its no secret that I like a pretty phone case or two or three and I seem to have acquired quite the collection in my bedside table. However I was on the market for a new one and I was actually looking to pick up a Kate Spade one when I visited Bicester village but the only cute designs they had were for iPhone 5's. 

So when the lovely people at Caseable got in contact with me about a design collaboration it couldn't have come at a better time really. After seeing so many cute scallop design phone cases floating around Pinterest but being unable to find any online to actually buy I thought this was the perfect time to just design my own. So I got to work designing my own phone case which excited me a little more than it probably should have but never mind. I did the design in photoshop and then uploaded it the editor on the Caseable sight sadly I did have a few issues with this. It definitely didn't help that my image kept on coming out as such a small DPI and it needed to be 300 DPI to achieve high image quality so I just sent the image a long to the team at Caseable and they popped it all together for me and voila. 

To say I love the final product would be a huge under statement I absolutely adore it. I'm not sure why it had never entered my head to just design my own case before it just hadn't. You can design your own smartphone case, tablet/iPad case, kindle case and laptop sleeve through the site so if you wanted you could have all your technology in matching custom cases. The quality of the case itself is lovely its thick enough to give my phone enough protection without looking bulky and unsightly the design is almost a matte finish so I am hoping that it wont scratch as easily as others have in the past. Caseable isn't based in the UK but it arrived in less than a week and shipping is free which is always a huge bonus. 

So what do you guys think do you like the case I designed has it swayed you to design your own?
P.S The lovely people at Caseable saw that you guys really seemed to like my case so they have given me a £10 code so if you just pop in 'fromroses' at the end of your order you will receive a nice discount :) its valid till the end of July.