The Forgotten Favourites

Hold your hands up now if you let products you love gather dust because some new and shiny has weaselled its way into your life? Being the beauty junkies that we all are we are incredibly fickle and jump from product to product looking for that ultimate holy grail. 

Lately I've realised my ways and dug some old and new favourites that I have just forgotten about. For my base its going to take a lot to tear myself away from my beloved YSL but I will make an exception for the Dr Jart BB Cream which is the only BB cream that hasn't turned me a lovely shade of orange. I adored this product last summer so I am hoping its the same story for this one. Two cheek products I have really neglected are the MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle which is my favourite highlighter for sure its just beautiful I mean look at that baked goodness. The other being this Maxfactor cream blush in 'Soft Pink' I went mad a little while a go purchasing a few too many cream blushers this was one I really loved but since the Stilla convertible colour came into my life this has got pushed to the back of my draw.

Neglecting an eye palette isn't a new thing for me because I automatically just go to my MAC quad as it has a shade for my brows as well as my peepers. The Naked Basics palette is shimmer free perfection and the consistency of these shadows are so buttery soft and easily blended. My eyes are looking pretty poorly at the moment thanks to the high pollen count so the Rimmel nude eye pencil is something I have been digging out lately to make me look a little more like myself and not a zombie. Essie dominate my nail polish collection but my nails have been adorned in Rimmel only for the past few weeks now so I think I better show my Essie shades some love before they turn there back on me good. Finally is the MAC lipstick in 'Cut a Caper' everybody went wild when this was re-released last year myself included. For some reason though I barely wear it even though I absolutely adore the shade I think for fear of loving it too much thus using it all up and being left without it its not worth thinking about really. 

What products do you leave neglected amongst the many that we like to surround ourselves with?