Skincare: Toners

As a continuation in my skincare series here we have the toners. Now I did a post not too long about some of these products that you can read here but this is more my toning routine. I really love this step in my routine it's when my skin feels at its best and really feels ready for the rest of my skin care products. 

Botanics Rosewater Spritz: This is now the product that I reach for the least as others have overtaken it in my ranks but still non the less a brilliant toner. However it does contain alcohol so for that reason it does get pushed aside but now it's a lot warmer in the UK I like to use this if I am not wearing a face full of make up as a refreshing spritz. I think this is a great one to try if you are a little unsure if you want to try a toner in your routine as it's inexpensive.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid toner: The latest addiction to my toner stash as recommended by Little Henry Lee as an alternate to the Clarins gentle exfoliant. I am so glad I picked this up and it works out so much cheaper than the Clarins. It delivers brilliant results without making my skin feeling tight or stripped and has really worked well with some recent spot scarring which has now pretty much gone. Whilst it isn't as gentle as the Clarins this doesn't bother me although for a really sensitive skin it might be a little too harsh. Note I do use an exfoliating toner every day morning and night as I find it has improved my skin ten fold. 

This Works fresh skin: In my last post I was really raving about this but sadly I think we have come to the end of our love affair. I don't know if it's because I have been trying more toners but it doesn't seem to be working it's magic anymore. Don't get me wrong I do still really like it but it's not delivering the umph that it used too. It still provides me with a bright and clear complexion with that little boost of clarity which is still why it's it has a loving home in my collection. 

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating toner; Ah this is where the entire love affair with chemical exfoliants began in this very bottle. I will still continue to purchase this even though I do love the Mario Badescu number there is just something about this product. It is incredibly gentle and it is what I turn to if my skin is feeling a little more sensitive than usual. 

Origins Make a Difference treatment lotion: This is what I have been using in conjunction with my exfoliating toners and have seen such a difference with the radiance in my complexion. I was a little confused when I first got this product as it says lotion not toner so after a little more research I learnt what it was. It aims to help reduce the damage the atmosphere has caused in your skin and give an extra boost of hydration too. I love using this after a chemical exfoliant as it makes my skin tingle slightly and I can really feel it working. 

What toners do you enjoy using and are you a chemical exfoliant fan? If you have any recommendations do let me know below :)    
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty