The Sunday Night Routine

Sunday evening means one thing for me and that is giving myself a serious pamper. Believe me I tend to do this a lot of the time in the week too because I tend to get a little overwhelmed by situations I need to take a step back and relax. I have perfected this routine over the years so I thought it was about time I shared it.

Ah the weekly brush laundry I normally do give my foundation brush a deep clean mid week too. I am paranoid of getting blemishes from dirty brushes but I do tend to do them weekly and some of them every few weeks (eyebrow only). I like using quite a clarifying shampoo to really get out the grime thats built up so this mint one from Tesco does the job perfectly for me. 

My nails get a new paint job every few days as I really hate looking at chipped manicure but I push the boat on a Sunday. I really suffer with my cuticles they are very unruly so a good cuticle remover is key and then I like to buff them down slightly with this cube file from Boots to ensure a smooth surface. 

As my skincare routine is pretty militant anyway I don't need much extra. However I do like a good mask and the one I am currently reaching for is the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic. I like to use a more nourishing cleanser with that too so I go for the Origins Make a Difference cleansing milk with adds a little more hydration than I normally need. Than as my final step I like to use the balance Me radiance oil* I love using this if my skin if feeling a little lack lustre this really give's me added umph to my complexion. 

I am a total bath girl it's so nice to just have a nice soak and watch something on my laptop. I normally wash my hair and shave my legs in the same evening just so then my products can sit for a little longer that way. I have been giving the Body Shop coconut body scrub* a go lately and really enjoying it. It's not taken my Soap & Glory Pulp Friction of its podium by any means but it is lovely to have on rotation. It leaves my skin silky smooth and ready for shaving and after that I have been enjoying using the Nivea in shower body moisturiser which despite the god awful packaging is a really amazing product to lock in moisture. Finally my hair has been getting an extra shot of volume with the Bed Head Tigi superstar conditioner and not only does this smell amazing it really does add a lot of thickness to my bonce.

Moisturiser is key for my skin as it can get a little dry and it I can't stand that feeling. I have been switching between the Dove summer glow to add a little colour to my otherwise ghostly complexion and I like this because it doesn't contain that typical tan smell. Then I have been going to the Garnier Body intensive 7 day nourishing lotion because I saw Kate raving about it and I'm going to be honest I liked the packaging. Oh I love this product so much I just want to slather myself in it all the time it makes my skin so soft (even a guy noticed so it must be good). As it absorbs into the skin so quickly I can use this in the morning and not end up sticking to my dressing table stool which is what tends to happen with more thick body butter type products. I have gone back to my beloved Heel Genius from Soap & Glory and I forgot just how soft this makes my feet feel so if you haven't given it a go I highly suggest it.  

Before now I had never given a body oil a go I don't know why maybe its the fear of looking like a body builder? However then the Neom Real Luxury oil* came into my life and I haven't looked back since. This is a seriously beautiful product and really does live up to the real luxury name as it should for the price of this. When I applied this for the first time I even tweeted about it I was so amazed by how good my skin looked and when I woke up in the morning and my skin was just glowing which is always an achievement for a product. I do like to use this mainly after shaving my legs as I find it just helps them stay smoother for longer as well as making my skin look so much better than it usually does. 

So there we have it my Sunday night routine in it's stripped back form. Now I do spend half the night on my MacBook mainly on Pinterest but I am not quite sure how much you would appreciate that image as it is far from glamourous. What does your pamper routine consist of? 

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty