The Flannel vs The Muslin Cloth

We all have things in life that we prefer over it's partner. Like tea or coffee, jam or marmalade and toast or cereal. But these two items have been battling it out in my beauty regime for months now and I think I might have finally come to some sort of decision on them. 

When I first started using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which is nearly two years a go now I never thought of using anything else but a muslin cloth. But a lot of time has passed and I have read Caroline Hiron's cheat sheets probably far too often so a couple of months a go I switched to flannels. My best friend is a true advocate of the flannel but I didn't like them too much I just found them too fluffy so I stuck to my trusty muslin clothes. When I made the switch I realised actually that they had been making my skin quite aggravated and I just put it down too my skin being quite sensitive. I would never suggest somebody with delicate skin to ever use anything other than a flannel as the other options are just too abrasive on the skin. Whilst they are brilliant at giving slight manual exfoliation too much of this will damage the skin (I learnt this the hard way). So my muslin clothes have found a new use and that is removing face masks only and I don't think I will go back to washing my face with them in a very long time. I won't gush on about how much I love flannels well because it's slightly sad but they have changed how my skin feels. They leave my skin feeling super soft but also thoroughly cleansed as I find that they retain heat a lot better. With the use of a cleansing balm and a flannel I have really noticed a different on how much smoother and softer my skin feels after cleansing no redness in sight either.

So which one do you prefer?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty