Trial & Error #1

As a firm beauty addict I am constantly trying new things out but I never really show them on my blog till I have used for them a considerable amount of time. However sometimes I think it is fun to see what people are trying out and there initial thoughts on the product. So here we have what I am currently trying and testing I have split them into sections so they it is easier to navigate. 

Body: Moisturiser is something I not short of that is for sure I probably have enough to last me a lifetime but I never pass up the chance to try something new. The Elemental Herbology moisturiser in watermelon & cucumber* is something I have been giving a go lately. Firstly can we all acknowledge the fact all moisturisers should have a pump it just makes things so much easier. The scent is perfect for those warmer days as it has cucumber in which is very cooling on the skin, although I have found you do have to work this into the skin throughly as it isn't too quick at absorbing so definitely one if you have more time in the morning. I had ran out of my beloved Soap & Glory Heel Genius and I was watching Estée's body shop haul and she mentioned the Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion so I popped down to my local store and picked it up. This smells amazing for a start I love peppermint though so it was always going to be a love affair. It isn't quite as moisturising as the S&G offering but it still keeps my feet in great shape and thats what we all want really I am sure. Now this isn't a glamorous product by any means but it was needed as I suffer from quite bad ingrown hairs. The Nads Ingrown Solution has seriously helped out with any ingrown hairs or shaving lumps and bumps I get. I am sure I don't need to go into detail but ladies this is something worth while picking up as it is so cooling and soothing on any delicate areas. Finally 8 Hour Cream this is re-purchase for me and this balm is just the do it all fix it all balm for me if I have any skincare issues I pop this on and voila sorted. Also this 50ml tube is going to last me a good few years as it took me months to get through a 15ml sample size. 

Make up: A few new additions here as I had run out of a few new things and just fancied trying to some releases too. I really didn't need 3 new lip balms believe me and I may have found two more new ones since photographing this (I need help honestly). The Korres lip butter in Pomegranate is something I have lusted after since I purchase the plum one so I popped it in an ASOS order. The Maybelline Baby Lips have been so hyped up over the blogging world for years and they finally made it across to the UK last month I picked up the shade Cherry Me. It smells like a toy doll I used to have called Baby All Gone which amazing alone but it deposits a nice flush of colour to the lips as well as hydrating them too. My Dior Creme De Rose is running seriously low and I refuse to pay £20 for a lip balm again yet. So I have been using the Elemis Fresh Skin loving lips* in the morning whilst I apply my make up and it has been keeping my lips in tip top shape for over half the price of the Dior it is well worth giving a go. 

I never tried the Rimmel Wake me Up foundation as the shades were just all off for my skin tone but I have been using the concealer for under my eyes. This gives me a lot more coverage than I am used too whilst still being illuminating so if you haven't given this a go I highly suggest it. For blemishes I have been straying away from the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as it was just becoming too drying for me. I had seen the 17 Stay Time pop up on a few of my favourite blogs so decided to give it a go as an alternative. This still offers a high coverage but not quite as drying as the Collection which I think would be great for dryer skinned girls. Brows are something that can go so easily wrong when using a pencil but this new release from L'Oreal has perfected it. Not too hard and not too soft the L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist* is definitely one too try. I have the shade in brunette and it is a true brown shade without leaning to ashy or too red which is the issue I have with most brow pencils. Finally the Lord & Berry lip liner in the shade blossom* came in August's Beauteco Box* and this liner claims to be kissproof and long lasting. I can actually say it withstands kissing pretty well and certainly does last without drying out the lips at all which is perfect for me.  

Skincare: My skin is really playing up at the moment I don't know why or how but it isn't happy. I am going to blame trying to many new products and kissing a boy with a beard that can't be hygienic can it? I spotted this L'Oreal velvety soft toner on offer in Superdrug and I actually really like it and although it does contain alcohol it doesn't dry out my skin at all. Whilst my skin was breaking out like crazy I used the Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Face Wash* and this is perfect for teenage skin I find as it really calms blemishes whilst giving slightly exfoliation. A little too strong for my skin all the time as normally my skin is pretty well behaved but if you are an acne sufferer I would highly suggest it. Another new cleanser to come into my routine is the Elemis Skin Glow exfoliating wash* and this is ideal for my skin currently. The blemishes seem to have cleared but I am being left with a few dry patches and this is slowly buffing them away without leaving my skin aggravated. 

When I had spotted the Indeed Labs were 1/3 of in Boots it was finally time to pick up some very hyped up items. Hydraluron has been on my wishlist for months it promises so much for such a small tube but oh does it seriously pack in a punch. My skin really suffers with hydration but since using this my complexion looks a lot more radiant and just well better. To go a long with that I also picked up the Pepta-Bright to fade any redness and scarring that old blemishes have me with. I don't know quite how I feel about this product just yet as I feel it may take longer to kick in them the latter. Finally the Elemis Softly Softly Moisturiser* this is something my skin would have adored a year a go but now because it needs a bit more hydration this doesn't quite cut it but on my really oily days it works a dream and oily skin still needs to be moisturised don't be fooled by that age old myth that it doesn't. For somebody who really suffers with oily skin I think would work brilliantly as it is an oil free formula.  

What have you been giving a go lately? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty