The Little Things

Sometimes it is just nice to step back and look at the little things that you really love doing in your life. For me those things are simple and not a beauty item in sight. 

I like to have fresh flowers in my room it's just nice to have something bright although my bank account might weep every time I set foot into Tesco. As an editorial photography degree student my magazine pile is ever growing it's research ok? So whether it's a new issue or one that's 3 years old I like to sit and have a cup of coffee and have a flick through the beautiful editorial content. My little dog Bella makes me smile just at the sight of her I think any dog owner will say the same thing. She makes such a difference in my family's life especially for my Dad since we lost my Mum she has mended his heart to be honest they are inseparable. My love for rabbit's is pretty well documented if you follow me on Instagram but as we do have that little cutie above the closest I get is gazing at them in Pets at Home. So I opted for this cute little purse from Primark to hold all my beauty bumf that I carry around daily. 

What are the little things in your life that you enjoy the most? 

Note* These images were taken with the Nokia Lumia 920 which I was sent to trial for the camera use. Nokia didn't ask me to write a post on the phone but I thought it might be nice to show how you can use your camera phone to your advantage if you don't own a DSLR :)