The Unspoken Beauty Hero's

Sometimes I forget about the fundamental parts of what I achieve with my make up and my hair and there the tools I use. 

For make up I can't even think about using my fingers like I used to until the age of about 21 I always used my fingers for everything. Now for some reason I can't even think about how I could make my foundation look good without my beloved buffing brushes. Also I think I prefer brushes now as it is a lot less mess and also for me this is a lot quicker route to applying my make up. Real Techniques absolutely dominate my brush holder and I just don't think that they can be beaten for quality or price. Possibly the strangest but my most favoured brush is a mascara spoolie and this is because I have seriously unruly brows they just like to slant downwards. I have given them there own medical diagnosis called 'sad brow syndrome' anybody else have this issue? The Tweezerman tweezers have to be one of the best purchases I have ever made for my brows they get the tiniest hairs with ease. Also you get them re-sharpened for free? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that's what I read on the packet. I think we all have those beauty items on our list that you always mean to pick up but you never do and for me that was the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I don't know any blogger/youtuber/make up artist who doesn't sing this items praises and it is easy to see why. These hold a beautiful curl in my lashes which are quite stubborn and just like to point outwards kinda like an elephant? 

Hair wise of course what kind of girl doesn't love bobby pins? Regardless of something stealing them in my room seriously though where do they end up going? I think in any style I wear my hair it requires a bobby pin or two although I am yet to find the perfect pin they are such a staple. My GHD's have been with me for years now and are still going strong (there the pink breast cancer edition) although they seem to getting a little grubby which I don't know how this happens they are still the best straightener I have ever used. I use them for whichever style I am wearing my hair so straight, wavy and curls although I am thinking of picking up a proper curling iron so if you guys know of any good ones let me know :). Although I know GHD's are incredibly expensive in my opinion they are well worth the splurge as mine are nearing on 4 years old and no sign of giving the ghost yet. Finally the Tangle Teezer is a tool that really doesn't look to pretty in my opinion it reminds me of a horse brush? But this makes brushing your hair so much easier my hair can get extremely knotty and I need something that won't snap my already brittle ends. My only gripe with it is that if you have very thick hair it won't reach all the knots close to the scalp as the bristles aren't particularly long. 

So there are my favourite tools what are the ones that you reach for in your beauty routine?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty