Worth the Splurge?

There is no denying that high end beauty products are lovely with there luxe packaging and swish formula's. However sometimes you don't always need to splurge but they are certain area's that I always like to spend the extra pennies. 
Skincare is the top of my priorities I really look into my products and what I am buying and do I actually need it? Whilst looking through the skincare portion of my dressing table I use every single product in there at some point, gone are my days of using Clearasil (you may as well rub acid on your face) and now I like to pay that bit extra. REN and Origins are two of my favourites by far my stocks are dominated by the latter though and other brands like La Roche Posay and Una Brennan are firm favourites. My philosophy when it comes down to skincare is that you only get one face you need to treat it well as it is what everybody else looks at too so I like to treat mine as well as I can. To coincide with skincare really is what base products I tend to go for as I do like the more high end offerings available mainly because they don't tend to oxidise (apart from you MAC) and they match my skin tone a lot better. My firm favourites are definitely the YSL and the Laura Mercier base offerings but there are some cheaper offerings that I really love too like the Bourjois Healthy Mix and Revlon Nearly Naked.

Lip balm is something I always have around me probably about 20 tubes to many but that is another story but I have found my favourites being the little more expensive offerings. Cheap lip balms cause more harm than good and just make your lips feel even more de-hydrated than if you hadn't applied anything. The Dior Creme de Rose was a complete splurge but oh it was so worth it I apply it whilst applying my make up and it leaves the perfect base for any lip product. I have never really found any cheaper eyeshadow offerings that have ever really wowed me and I have oily eye lids so it is very easy for products to crease and just melt away. Two brands that I really I turn to for a good shadow is Urban Decay and MAC as I know they are well formulated and last all day without creasing on me. Perfume is never really a cheap purchase but I now tend to stay away from the glass cases in Boots and go for more pure fragrances like Jo Malone and Liz Earle. My absolute favourite is Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay it is such a beautiful scent and lasts all day on my skin which is my selling point for a fragrance. Last thing is hair now shampoo and conditioner I never ever splurge on them but two things I do like are a more high end mask and thickening cream just as I have gone through so many cheap options and never seen results in my hair. 

What are your favourite luxury products? What do feel is worth the splurge? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty