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If you haven't gathered by now I will try anything if the word volumising or thickening is written on it. Really I am every advertisers dream for that soul reason but so many products offer false hope and leave my hair just as flat as it was before. However some more additions to my hair care routine have been helping me get those voluminous locks I so desperately crave. 

I have been a fan of John Frieda products ever since using the Brilliant Brunette range as a teenager and ever since they have always been in my good books. When the Luxurious Volume range arrived on my door step I was excited to give it a go. The range is aimed toward fine hair that lacks volume which mine definitely does so I had high hopes for these products. The Touchably Full shampoo* and conditioner* are something I have actually found work better with different counterparts than together as they be slightly heavy on the hair. I didn't notice a huge difference in the volume of my hair either which was slightly disappointing it did seem to add thickness to the ends of my hair but didn't give me much lift at the root. The Fine to Full Blow Out Spray* is more impressive with the volumising aspect I have found it delivered more lift into my locks. My only niggle is that from what I can find is that it doesn't contain any heat defence which would be an added bonus as then I wouldn't have to use another product for that. Something that this range definitely delivers is a touch of added volume as well as hydration which I can find a problem with other volumising products on the market.  

Now dry shampoo is that one product no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get a long with at all. I can't stand the way it makes my hair feel for me it makes my hair feel dirtier than it did in the first place. But because I don't wash my hair that often I felt it was about time I gave it another go. Batiste is probably the brand we all think of when it comes to dry shampoo so I opted for the blush version. It is good for making my hair feel a little less oily but the white cast is just so bad it makes me look like I am going grey at the age of 23 which nobody wants do they. However I think I might have found the answer to my hair woes and this is a new release from Dove and it's the Refresh + Care dry shampoo. It freshens up my hair nicely whilst adding volume and not any grey cast in sight as it appears to be clear which is a huge bonus. Finally a new hairspray I have been a go is from the same range as my current favourite but this holds claims to be a 24 hour hold spray and it's not like I will ever need my hair to stay for that long. I think I actually prefer the one I was using before as it more dry in consistency so it added more volume and this one is more wet. 

What are your best tips for voluminous hair? 
Rebecca Warriner