Skin Care: Night Creams

Night cream is probably the void in my skin care routine that I still haven't properly fulfilled. I'm still not convinced that I have found the 'one'. I also slightly concerned that I am bothered about finding an amazing night cream than I am the guy I will marry but never mind. Whilst my skin leans towards more on the oily side of proceedings it is deeply de-hydrated which can lead to some dry patches and my skin lacking radiance which is what I look for in my night cream. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive mask: Technically not a moisturiser I know but I use this in place of my evening moisturiser when my skin really needs it. At first I wasn't completely sold on this after hearing such rave reviews I actually thought it was breaking me out turns out it was actually Pepta-Bright giving me horrifically bad skin. I usually like to use this when I have used a mask on my skin either an exfoliating one or a clay mask I find that is when I see the most difference. Also when I have been feeling quite run down which is a lot at the moment (tonsillitis is getting real boring) a good layer of this on my skin is perking it up ten fold. 

Ren Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream: Although this a teeny tiny sample size I have used enough of it to know I like it. It is very thick in consistency so you really don't need a lot of it and it very similar to the Origins Night-A-Mins. It aims to renew and revitalise the skin as well as giving it a firm boost of hydration and it does exactly that.

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins: This is the only night cream I have truly noticed it making a large difference within my skin. It has a consistency that is almost like butter and has a lovely orange scent that personally I really like but I know others don't. This renews the skin by sloughing away the dead layers that might be there so when you wake up your skin seems a lot clearer. It works so well on my skin especially when I have breakouts and they are sore it really soothes them and it helps lift the scars easier. For me this gives the perfect amount of hydration and I can still feel it on my skin so in the winter when my skin gets a little dryer this will be perfect.

Origins Make a Difference: I prefer to use this at the night even though you can use it AM or PM I find it is more effective at night. When my skin is really having a tough time this is what I like to turn to as I don't like to overload it with moisture. But I find this gives me enough hydration as well as soothing the breakouts without making them aggravated. I really love this entire range from Origins it has really helped the level of hydration in my skin.

Oilatum Natural Repair face cream: When I want a no frills no fuss moisturiser this is what I turn to. This works to repair your skin and that is exactly what it does as well as it giving it a good level of moisture. Not something I use a lot anymore but I used this for months and months and it worked so well on my skin. It is targeted toward more dry skin so I would only use it at night and not in the morning as my make up doesn't sit amazingly with it. As the rest of my skincare options are quite pricey I would definitely recommend this if you are on a budget.   

What are your favourite night creams?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty