Beauty Faux Pas

Obviously writing a beauty blog might give you the impression that I actually know what I'm doing whilst applying it. But there are some habits and techniques that I have realised are pretty naughty when it comes down to it so of course why wouldn't I share them with you all?

Eyes: As much as I want to I cannot wear winged out liner I just can't nor can I apply it in the first place. I have very round eyes (like an insect) so anytime I apply liner to my lids I look absolutely ridiculous so that is a big no no. Crease, out corner, inner corner and lash line whilst I know what these things are after a google search about a year a go I might add. Even though I do know what they are I can not perfect a smokey bronzed eye shadow unless my life depended on it. I own plenty of eyeshadows to practice with still but even if I was going to snazzy event I would still stick with one colour all over the lid and blended out. Applying mascara and not getting it everywhere will be a monumental day for me, I don't know it gets everywhere it just does even on my nose most of the time somehow. 

De-cluttering & Hygiene: Now if you have seen any of home decor posts you will have noticed that my room is pretty simple and if I don't use anything it in I just throw it out. However when it comes down to beauty products I hate throwing anything out unless I have used every last ounce of it. Of course I am aware that beauty products have a use by date but there is something in me that clings onto it for dear life. A prime example of this is that when I bought my beloved YSL Babydoll mascara I had a little bit of an eye infection and now you are strictly meant to throw all eye make up away but I just couldn't bring myself to throw away a £25 mascara that I had used 4 times who could really? As frugal as I can be with most elements of my life I seem to collect nail polish like it is going out of fashion, how many is too many though? Even if they end up going gloopy I will do about anything to save them because I need 10 shades of red choose from obviously. Something I know we are a little bit guilty of is not washing our brushes now my face brushes I am good with just for the fear of breakouts but I think the last time I washed my brow brush was in May so excuse while I go and bath it in dettol. 

Colour: I am pretty awful at getting a good colour palette with my skin and getting my blush to compliment my lip colour. Who really knows what cheek colour looks good with a red lipstick because I am yet to know and probably will continue to look like a puffin bird for the rest of my life. Along with winged liner I can never get bronzer to look good on my skin now I am pretty fair so this instantly makes it 5 times more difficult anyway. But try as I might I can't get that bronzed glowing look down and look more like I have rubbed my face in dirt the same goes for contouring I fear having a stripe of brown down my cheek so much I will live with my hamster cheeks. 

Hair: I have lost count of how many times I have been told to not brush my hair whilst it is wet but if I don't I might as well be blow drying a birds nest. My hair is fine but so very tangly so if I don't brush it through whilst wet I have no chance of styling it when it is finally dry. I suppose I do rectify it with how little I brush my hair and not that long ago my hair was that knotty it pulled one of the bristles out my brush now that isn't a sign then I don't know what is. Hair masks are something I own plenty of but it is very rare that I actually use them I just can't be bothered to wait around for them to work there magic it just seems like so much effort sometimes. Maybe if I actually used them it would make the whole process go a lot smoother. 

What are your beauty faux pas?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty