Things aren't always as they seem

This post has nothing to do with succulents.

Truth be told I have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately with my blog and I couldn't quite put my finger on the reason why. My inspiration had hit a wall and I didn't want to just churn out content I wasn't happy with because if I don't enjoy what I am writing then why would anybody want to read that? I don't want to lose my relationship with my blog and the entire reason why I started it in the first place and I wrote a lot about the things I was doing when I began From Roses in the summer of 2011. Don't get me wrong I do absolutely love beauty and the excitement of skincare but I don't just want to to focus on that subject. 

 After an in depth conversation with a lovely girl I met a few years a go now through a friend during university really got me thinking about how social media can be so mis leading. I know in general I don't share a lot of my personal going ons on here or on any of my other outlets for that matter. I realised this year that sometimes it is better to keep things private so then people can not judge you for what you share. However on the flip side people will always judge you no matter what you place on social media and then I started to look at how people must judge my life and what they must think my life is about. Believe me I would love my life to look exactly like my Instagram and blog does but it sadly it doesn't and I don't want to portray this dreamy life that I definitely don't lead. I remember Katy doing a post on this very subject a while a go and I felt like clapping when I read it because she really hit the nail on the head. The lovely people behind beautiful blogs probably do not live these dream lives that can so easily be portrayed.

If I photographed my life realistically I don't think that anybody would want to view that it wouldn't be enjoyable. I have mentioned briefly that I have a lifelong illness which sadly is becoming harder and harder to maintain and it is very painful day to day. When one of your main organs has decided that it no longer wants to function anymore it doesn't make for a very enjoyable time to say the least. Whilst I could be completely open and honest with it I don't choose to be, I mean really who wants to see my weekly trips to the hospital clinic which ends in tears every time? I like my social networks to be a positive place whilst still keeping it on a realistic level and I hope that is something that at least comes across in a small way. My life is not by any means all doom and gloom I do have some better days that I like to either spend with my family, best friend or man friend and thats what I like to focus on. Whilst this year has been health wise complete crap for my personal affairs I am in such a happy place I have a best friend who I couldn't be without and I am now in a good relationship with a guy who I absolutely adore both these people support me through absolutely everything I have to face daily and I couldn't be more grateful. 

From now on I do want to include more personal aspects of my life on here I absolutely love lifestyle blogs a couple of my favourites are Lisette Loves and Cider with Rosie. Personally my favourite blogs are the ones that do show a bit more personality throughout the posts and aren't just strictly about products I like to know a little about who is behind the blog. What are your thoughts on more personal posts? Also what posts do you enjoy reading from me I would be really interested to know :) 
Note: October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Escentual are running a campaign with Breast Cancer Care called #daretobare. It is for woman to be sponsored to go to work without make up on throughout October and they are hoping for this campaign to reach the popularity of Movember. Cancer charities lie very close to my heart as I lost my mum to cancer and all the money we might have spent on flowers for her funeral we gave to charity instead. Giving something back to charity is possibly one of the best feelings out there as they wouldn't be able to do anything without those donations no matter how big or small.
Escentual have not paid me or compensated me in any way to tell you about the campaign they are running I feel it is a worthy cause that deserves to be shared.    
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