Re-kindling the Love

I hold my hands up now and admit that once I am in a good make up routine I stick to it. However for the last month or so I have been using some products that had been pushed to the back of my dressing table gathering dust. By no means do I have a ridiculous amount of beauty products (still more than the average woman though) so discovering long lost favourites help the purse strings.

I am not one for MAC products at all I think it is generally because whenever I try and have a proper look my nearest counter is always heaving. Bar the lipsticks and eyeshadows I really love there powders especially the mineralize skinfinish natural and the MSF in soft & gentle. Powder is something I went off for a long time but I can't deny the longevity that it adds to my base and as touching up is something I can never be bothered with. The MSF natural adds a small level of coverage whilst mattifying the skin without looking too powdery, even if my skin is slightly dry or de-hydrated this doesn't add to any dry patches either or drag the complexion down. During the summer months I completely avoided highlighting as my skin was already pretty glowing (sweaty) so my beloved soft & gentle highlighter went unloved. I dug it out not too long a go as my complexion was having a particularly lack lustre day and there is no denying the beauty of it. Swept across the cheekbones, down the nose and on my cupids bow it gives me that lit within without even trying affect which we all crave. 

The L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation is something that created quite a bit of hype when it was released a couple of years a go. As my skin was in full swing of cystic spots I didn't find that using a light reflective foundation was the best idea as who wants to highlight that beaming zit? Fast forward two years I can happily use this daily and reap the benefits of that liquid light technology without worrying. Out of all the foundations I own this is the closest match to the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation that I absolutely love but at a third of the price (YSL and L'Oreal are owned by the same company so not a shock). This offers a good small to medium amount of coverage without ever looking un-natural or that I have applied it with a trowel I do still need to use concealer on my chin and under the eyes but nothing more which is pretty impressive. Whilst the longevity isn't something to write home about it can last a good 6-8 hours before I notice is has completely worn away, of course this can be helped with the added benefits of a primer and powder. 

Have you re-discovered any products recently?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty