Time to Prime

A good primer was missing from my make up routine and after many trials and many errors I think I have found the one(s) for me. 

My main problem with primers are the amount of silicone that they pack into them my skin really doesn't react well to them. My pores are easily congested so putting something as heavy as silicone in can lead to some monstrous breakouts. My first step into the world of primers was the Benefit POREfessional safe to say that didn't end well and neither did a trial of the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer so I was always on the hunt for something new. I was browsing The Body Shop and picked up the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser after hearing Corrie talk about it so many times and it is really inexpensive so thought it was worth trying. I apply this just on my t-zone area and this is absolutely fantastic for completely smoothing over and mattifying the skin and as it has tea tree in it I find this is really helpful for any spots I might have. For the price I really can't recommend this enough as it makes my make up last so much longer on the areas that it wears the quickest and minimises the pores around my nose.

I have lost count at how many people I have heard talk about the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch* and waxed absolute lyrical about it. I didn't realise how tiny the pot was until I received but then once I started to use it I soon realised it will last me quite a while as you only need a small amount. I use this all over my face to create a perfect base for foundation and concealer, it makes my skin feel silky smooth and soothes out any uneven areas. This makes my skin appear so much smoother and quite frankly makes my skin appear what I wish I looked like without any products on it. I haven't noticed too much longevity with the wear time but as my skin is a little dryer now the weather is a little cooler my make up does tend to last a lot longer compared to the summer months. If I know I am going to need my make up to last a really long time than I pop some of the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser on my chin also as that is the area that really needs all the help it can get with the wear time of make-up it is almost like it eats foundation and concealer (lovely mental image for you there).

Are you a primer person or not? Also I was telling my boyfriend about my primer woes (because he really cares about it...) and he asked me was I planning on painting a wall or something.   
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty