When the dreaded sniffles arrive

Whenever the seasons change the nation seems to get struck down by the dreaded first cold of winter. Mine seems to have passed but there were certain things that made the whole sniffly encounter a lot easier. 

Having a nice bath when your poorly is always such a simple remedy and as the Christmas collection at Lush has just been released its perfect timing. All year round I prefer baths I find them so relaxing and I pop my laptop on my dressing table stool next to me so I can sit and watch whatever I please whilst I have a soak. As well as the odd item from Lush I do really like to drop some oil in my bath from time to time too especially if I am going to be shaving my legs as it gives my skin a nice slip. 

There is no better feeling than lighting a few candles and then getting into bed it is cosy night perfection. Lately I have been burning the Neom Real Luxury* candle now this is a seriously pricy candle at £39.50 but I have never had a candle burn so beautifully. As it is made out of vegetable wax and burn only essential oils it doesn't produce any nasty soot which is common with cheap candles. I definitely do not have the type of lifestyle to warrant such an expensive item but this would make a beautiful gift for the festive season or something life a house warming present.  

Other things I like to do when I have been struck down in the pribe of lime (we have all seen the Friends episode) is start a new TV series or catch up with one I might have missed. I made my way through Breaking Bad at the rate of knots so if you haven't watched that then I definitely advise you do. All my favourite American shows have come back on at the moment too like The Walking Dead, Parks and Recreation, New Girl and Modern Family so I have been catching up with those. 

What do you like to do when your poorly? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty