A map for your face?

Face mapping wasn't a concept I had ever been aware of until last year when I read the Lauren Conrad Beauty book. When I was a teenager I never really suffered with bad skin just the odd hormonal blemish at that time of the month and that was it. Then I started to mess around with my skincare and my skin was atrocious (isn't this always the case?) so the more and more I researched into skin care I started to become really interested into the myths and facts about the skin. Having never suffered with an entire face full of blemishes or your typical acne symptoms I only get them spots in two area's my chin and my forehead. The concept of face mapping is as simple as it sounds it simply splits your face into sections and why you might get blemishes in that particular area. 

This is all down to your hormones and this is the area that I struggle with the most. Around a week before that time of the month I notice small cystic spots popping up you know the real nasty ones that hurt your face, I have found it is best to just leave these spots to run there course and go naturally. Yes they don't look to pretty but pushing and prodding and these will only make them worse. 

Stress and sleep deprivation are the main culprits for spots on the forehead. Generally something I do suffer from when I am stressed whilst my own life isn't ridiculously stressful being ill all the time and hospital visits don't make for an easy time. It shows in my skin instantly and these tend to be really nasty blemishes like the ones I get on my chin these are large and hurt like hell and no Origins Super Spot remover is going to get rid of them. If I notice they are particularly bad I know it is time to take a step back and relax for few hours or even the day.

Above Brow:
As I am far too familiar with being poorly my immune system is pretty dire and spots occur when your immune system is low. For example when you have a cold or flu which is all too often at this time of year you might notice some spots cropping up above your brows or even in them (nothing can conceal these).

Between Brows:
Now I have a fringe any spots that occur from eating far too many donuts or chewits are cleverly hidden. Your body doesn't like junk food and neither does your skin because if you don't put something good into it and then nothing good will come out will it now? My dad always tells me your body is like a car if you don't put fuel in it then it won't run and the same goes for you if you don't put substantial food into it won't run properly either. 

Touch wood I have never suffered with blemishes on my cheeks and it is said that blemishes in this area are caused by pollution or smoking. Personally I don't smoke and never have but having dated a smoker for nearly 3 years I know he used to suffer with blemishes on his cheeks quite badly. Pollution is not something that you cannot avoid especially if you live in a city but smoking is so please think carefully about the consequences of the habit. 

This is a concept I have found to really work and hold truth for me and even if you don't believe in it I still think it is a fascinating concept to learn about. What are your thoughts?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty