Hair Hero's

Roll back 3 years I used to really neglect my hair I was constantly colouring it and not thinking of the consequences. Then having to chop it into a bob I realised that enough was enough and I really needed to take care of my locks. Now my hair is probably the healthiest it has ever been with minimal colouring and regular cuts I like to treat it to the odd mask or two. 

The odd one out here is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a mask which you use on wet hair before you wash it. When I use this mask it is like I have never done anything with my hair that I shouldn't be doing it is feels like fresh baby hair. Although no mask can repair damaged hair this really soothes anything that is feeling distressed, if you colour your hair a lot this one I would definitely advise. For a really thorough treatment on the hair I would say to leave this on overnight wrapped up in a towel and then washing out in the morning. The more traditional hair masks here are the ones you pop on your hair once washed as the final step I personally hate having to wait around for it to work it's magic so I like to go for an option that is quick with the same results as if I had it on for hours. Organic Surge are a brand that I can't just say enough good things about at the moment everything I try from them is an instant hit. The 2-minute moisture mask* is exactly what I like in a hair treatment, you only need to leave it on for a few minutes to reap the benefits of it. It is packed full of coconut oil and other plant extracts to leave the hair shiny and nourished without weighing it down. 

A slightly heavier option is the Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care mask* which you leave on for 3-5 minutes from the mid-shaft to ends of the hair (note: I do this with all conditioners never put it them on your roots). Firstly the smell of this is absolutely heavenly but so are the results, if I have been a little rough on the heat I have been blasting my hair with I turn to this one.  This leaves the texture of my hair incredibly smooth and in this cold weather my hair needs an added moisture boost. Finally is the L'Oreal EverSleek mask which I picked up on a whim in some sort of supermarket as it was reduced and it was around the time everybody went nuts for the shampoo & conditioner in the same line. An almost buttery thick texture this reminds me a body butter but for the hair it will always leave the hair feeling nourished. If my hair is feeling a little too overworked and generally just a bit blurgh (technical wording here) I will use this. I only need a small amount of this to see a noticeable difference in the condition and shine in my tresses. If you have seriously damaged hair from heat or colouring then this one will definitely be one to add some umph back into it. 

What are your favourite hair masks? 
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty