'Boyfriend' Sweaters

Recently I have discovered the joys of mens knitwear. I was stuck in a rut with my wardrobe since the temperature dropped and I desperately needed some new jumpers. Whilst a wooly jumper isn't really the most exciting purchase a girl can get it is a necessary one. 

F&F ,H&M,TK Maxx

I was searching high and low for the perfect knitted item and found nothing then I started wandering through the mens section and struck gold. I like my jumpers long and slightly oversized so they can cover my derrière if needs be and I prefer to wear a skirt and tights so I don't look too frumpy. I don't think I will be turning back to girls knitwear anytime soon as I can get a warmer and longer jumper for less.  

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty, Style