Handy Dandy

I used to think having hand cream was completely un-necessary and just a fad that served no real purpose. Once I put my own ignorance aside and realised my hands were in a little bit of a state I started to divulge into them. My hands aren't really that dry it is more skin around my nails and my cuticles that really seem to suffer especially during the winter months. Over the last year I seem to gathered a small collection of hand creams together and it is easy to see which ones I gravitate to the most, they are also split into categories of which ones are more suitable for the daytime or the evening. 

For the day time I need something that I can just throw in my handbag and it is vital that is not greasy in the slightest. The two I alternate between is the Soap & Glory Hand Food, which is a well known favourite amongst the beauty community and probably my third tube of the stuff. It has that typical S&G smell that is ever so similar to Miss Dior Cherie, it hydrates and moistures without leaving a greasy residue at all. The Betty & Walter Elderflower and Lemon hand cream* is a little too large to sling in my bag but if I am at home during the day I will reach for this. Not only does this smell incredible but it gives a serious hit of hydration too, quite a thick cream so you don't need a lot at all so this tube will last you years. As I love the smell of this so much I have also been using it for a body moisturiser from time to time and it is just as good all over the body too. 

Night time I don't mind if my hands are a little bit greasy so I can plump for something even more hydrating to work its magic over night. A product I didn't have high hopes for is the Cath Kidston Bluebell hand cream, the packaging of this pleases me greatly I love those metal tubes probably too much. Quite light in consistency so it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving the hands too slippy whilst still keeping them soft. If my cuticles are particularly flaky or dry I reach for The Body Shop Almond hand & nail cream and the smell of this a lone makes it a favourite. I keep this on my bedside table so I can pop it on before going to sleep as I do find this to be quite greasy but it fixes my dry nails over night so I can't fault it. Finally is the most heavy duty offering I have which is the balance Me super moisturising hand cream*, with ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil it is incredibly moisturising. This is absolutely perfect if you have been out in the cold all day and in and out of central heating and bitter winds as it soothes everything in seconds. 

What are your favourite hand creams?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty