Hello 2014

I am getting this in early but as tomorrow is January 1st 2014 it seems like the appropriate time to say it. 

Although I might be repeating myself slightly I just wanted to say thank you again for everybody who has continued to follow my blog this year and all the people who found it too. I am so grateful for all of you and the comments on my previous post have made me all of a flutter inside I am so blessed to have such loyal readers. A few people have mentioned me in posts lately and the things that you have written about me are all so incredibly sweet it makes me want to well up (I cry at birthday cards I am that girl ha).

So whatever you plan to do for the eventful evening I hope you have a lovely night, personally I don't like to go out on new years eve as a non drinker I find it a little overwhelming. So I will be spending the night happily inside (23 going on 70) with my boyfriend most likely eating Terrys chocolate orange, it's still the festive season so thats totally ok to do. I am not huge on resolutions but I thought of a few things lately that I want to make sure I do in 2014.

  • Work harder on everything I do 
  • Travel more 
  • Set myself stand alone photographic projects 
  • Take more pictures 
  • Eat better 
See you all on the other side
Rebecca WarrinerPersonal