Foam Party

I am pretty positive I am not the only one who has horrible memories of foam parties from being a teenager. Fear not this post is not about foam being shot from a canon into a crowd of semi naked people quite the opposite let me assure you. 2013 was a good hair year for me, my hair was in good condition for the first time in years and colouring was kept to a minimum. I dabbled in the world of ombre but ditched at the end of November and settled on a rich chocolate brown which is only a few shades darker than my natural colour. I went back to my childhood roots by having a full fringe chopped back in and this was probably the highlight for my hair and I won't be growing it out anytime soon, if you were wondering I get my hair done here :). I also seemed to try most of the volumising products under the sun but one that I haven't given a go is a foam. 

Enter the ghd Style Total Volume Foam*, truth be told I had never heard of a volumising foam. Hair mousse is something I have a terrible memories of from school when girls used it have crispy crunchy curls which never looked nice in my opinion. I toyed with a mousse earlier in the year but I found it left my hair sticky at the root which I really cannot stand the feeling of however it really did add that extra bounce to my tresses. My hair needs a lot of umph in the root department even though I have fine hair I have a lot of it and it struggles to hold volume. 

This is a true foam texture I was expecting something a little thicker but it is light and fluffy so it is easy to work into the roots. Not only does this work at adding volume it also had added heat protectant so you don't have to use more than one product if you don't want to. Since using this I have noticed a little more zhush which seems to stick around even on day 3 hair when normally it is flat as a pancake. It doesn't leave a sticky residue at all or make my hair feel a little dry or fly away which is something that happens to me a lot in cold weather. By adding that little bit of something else I find my hair holds it style easier too as waves tend to drop from my hair easily. I picked up the Enrapture totem styler earlier this month and it was in Home Bargains for £18, that shop truly lived up to it's name on that one. Using the setting 1-2-1 I have been able to add some curls that settle into beautiful waves and stick around. When I am not trying to channel Alexa Chung I wear my hair straight with my ends ever so slightly pulled under and of course my loyal ghd's give me that with ease. I want to look more into ghd haircare products since enjoying this one so much, not the cheapest products out there but certainly not as much as some other brands that I buy from either. 

Have you ever tried a volumising foam?
Rebecca WarrinerBeauty