A Bargain Base

I tend to stick to what I know and love with my base and that normally comes with a hefty price tag in tow but I think I have found a true high street wonder. I had heard quite a lot about the Rimmel Match Perfection and over the past few months I had peered at it in Boots and always just walked away because I don't need the ten foundations already in my vanity. Then I was having a flick through Meg's blog and saw her review on it and that was all the persuasion I needed, it was more that I saw that the shade would sit well enough on my snow white complexion. 

I had always steered away from Rimmel base products because of the quite frankly dire shade range, they always seemed to lean on the orange side apart from the Match Perfection range. As with most foundations I am the lightest available which is 010 Porcelain which suits my complexion to a T it doesn't lean too pink or too yellow just right in the middle. The coverage is something I would expect from the likes of Laura Mercier Silk Creme or Estee Lauder Double Wear, although the liquid consistency takes a little more blending in it is totally worth it. I don't find myself using as much concealer when I am wearing this just my usual under eye and something if I have a really bad blemish or redness, even though it offers a high amount of coverage it doesn't look un natural or caked on at all. 

If the coverage and shade wasn't enough to amaze me the formulation is just perfect for my skin at the moment. I typically lead on the more oily side of proceedings but due to the cold weather I have a few dry patches especially around the side of my nose and a tear on my nose piercing isn't helping either. This doesn't stick or cling to patches of dryness it just glides over them which is rare to find in a base offering high coverage, like I said it does take a few minutes to work into the skin but paired with my RT expert face brush it makes the job easier. Leaving a natural satin finish to the skin it will work well in the summer too I imagine as some bases are just too luminous for me in a warmer climate. Wear time without a primer and set lightly with a powder is around 6-7 hours so I imagine I could get a good 8-9 hours with a primer underneath. To say I am impressed with this product would be an understatement I am completely amazed, for something with a £7 price tag it behaves just like my high end favourites do. 

Have you tried this foundation? 
p.s I was wearing it in this post 
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